Theory to Practice: Real World Application of PBS Strategies
The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is requesting proposals that focus on the lived experience of professionals who provide support for individuals on the autism spectrum to present at the 2022 Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference: #PATCImplement2022.

We will be highlighting the concept of implementing Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) practices. We want to give you the opportunity to share your PBS experiences, challenges, and successes.

For the purposes of the presentations, please reference the following definition of PBS:
Positive behavioral support (PBS) is an approach to serving people and their supporters by combining the principles of applied behavior analysis, implementation science, and other best practices. PBS is characterized by a commitment to collaboration and shared decision making based on objective information. Interventions are designed on a thorough understanding of the person and environmental influences affecting behavior. Plans are proactive, educative, and functional and focused not just on behavior change, but also on improvements in quality of life.”

Proposal Due Date: September 12, 2022
Title of Presentation
Proposal Content
Problem or Challenge that you thoughts warranted a PBS approach (What’s the need that linked to identifying this practice? What is the benefit to individuals?) 
Describe your PBS approach or practice (What’d you do/try? What helped you be successful in implementation? What did you get rid of to make room for this practice?) 
Implications (What’s the impact? How are your measuring successes? Are you collecting data? How do you know it’s working?) 
Next Steps (How will you move forward? How could others implement this practice?)
Primary Presenter Name and Role
2nd Presenter Name and Role (if applicable)
Organization/Agency Name
Primary Presenter Contact Information
Primary Presenter Contact Information
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